Bethlehems Bastarde

by Imindain



released October 11, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Strangle Me
Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!
Where did it begin?
Why am I here?
No more tests! No more tests! No more tests!

No more tests...

Don't test me! Please kill me! Don't test me!
No more tests! Please kill me! Just kill me!

Strangle me! Strangle me! Strangle me!
Track Name: Selbstmord
A peeling wall of voices
A myriad of manias
Pastel shades of madness
My leatherette chair...

Peering eyes through reinforced glass
My guide in the rafters
My muse in the walls
I wish to climb into the grills...

And there is a man with fine beard and grey wastecoat
Intentions are jot but for the effect...

Disembodied moans punctuate
And insescent mantras
Tittering and yattering
Through walls my conduit...

Am I equal to this new reality?
A reality of peering eyes and talking walls
And pastel shades of madness?

Gold rotting eyes...
Lasting skin - collapsing lungs
Diamorphine amorphous
This is my home...

Bedsheets fashioned into a fine noose
Chairslegs and handrails with eyes bulging...